Ep. 27 - Big Head

While the US is facing yet more controversy over Kavanagh’s nomination, we come back from the short hiatus in episodes we had to take. The good thing is that we got the chance to accumulate more content (if you like to hear us talk, that is). We go all over the place this week. Phibius created some controversy on AMD’s facebook page trying to enlighten how to responsibly deal with microtransactions regarding the new Devil May Cry's offerings. PUBG murders even more the game by screwing up connectivity patches, Telltale games shuts down BUT passes the torches to skybound entertainment for its Walking dead adventure game finale. Fall is usually when most shows start back, so we get a chance to talk about the New (female) Doctor Who, as well as Big mouth. Good omens is coming soon but for now we get a new trailer, which is nice. Oh and we had to mention Banksy’s self-destructing painting. Because why not double the value of an item by destroying it, right?

Jonathan Lemonde