Ep. 29 - Red dead solosode

As this drops right before Halloween, I try to give you quick recommendation of content to consume on this festive holiday. Quick chat about Red Dead Redemption’s controls versus immersion. How to train your dragon 3 is looking pretty bad from what the trailer shows. The best kind of vampire is the dead kind, as Castlevania on Netflix would like us to believe. I also give a very quick review of Soul Calibur 6, what rocks and doesn’t. For example, 2b from Nier automata coming to the game, rocks. Single player modes are kinda boring, rebalancing shines in my opinion. Wozards of the cast teams up with Adobe to launch a monster creating contest. This might be VERY interesting to anyone who likes DnD but doesn’t have any drawing talents. Someone please make a chesticle monster. Harmonix, the studio behind Rock band and its 900 iterations is working on a karaoke game from twitch Pepper pots might be rocking the Resuce suit in Avengers 4? Or so some leaked pictures show. Red hat, the company that fathered Linux, has been bought by IBM, what does the future hold for the open source OS company?

Jonathan Lemonde