Ep. 40 - Activision Blizzard lets go hundreds of employees

Well folks, news are grim. Despite having one of their best years yet, Activision Blizzard is restructuring, meanning more than 800 people are going to lose their job. Blizzard has no plans to release a major new game this year. We get a glimpse of Division 2’s beta, talk about some random fun facts. Like how Apex is based on the source engine, which I thought about when an audio bug with microphones happened (and later confirmed with research). Captain Marvel’s website is delighfully stuck in the 90’s. We also talk about a new interesting product, which is geek on’s ultimate board game pack pack, available here . Crackdown is free on Xbox, if you want to try it out before Cracdown 3 comes out! Gizmodo has a nice series of articles about the impacts of cutting out the 5 tech giants from your life, made by senior editor Kashmir Hill. Will Smith will star as Will Smith, in Will Smith’s Aladdin, and MORE on this week’s episode!

Jonathan Lemonde