Ep. 41 - Daddy's mighty vibe

Welcome back to our second installment of our bi-weekly fomula!
We talk about the facebook moderators coming under fire for showing up high at work, despite having probably one of the most taxing jobs, mentally. We re-review Anthem, not that it is released and Phib actually clocked a good number of hours in it.
It’s also the dead season in gaming, which spells layoffs for EA australia and NCsoft, producers of Guild Wars two and some other F2P MMO’s. Resident Evil 0, 1 and 4 are all coming to switch this year, which is EXCELLENT NEWS for Resident Evil fans everywhere! Especially 4. we should buy RE4 everytime. This game was perfect.
We also give a shoutout to the Mighty Vibe, an Ipod shuffle mimic that syncs your Spotify premium playslists on it to carry your music with you on your workouts. It’s tiny, it’s rugged, it’s also a blast from the past, in a way.
Two important Oscar winners for us, Black Panther and Into the Spiderverse!
The is a new Overwatch hero coming, with some criticizing his design for being to similar to Fortnite’s African American character, or Team Fortress 2, Scottish Demoman.
DJ introduces us to the Hololens 2, and recaps the Frostbite esports event.
We also go on a tangent with tablets and phones.
Listen to the episode right here!

Jonathan Lemonde