Ep. 39 - Awesome Apex Anthem

Battle of the triple A’s, as DJ wanted to call it. So news wise, this is a short one. Football, patriots won the Superbowl again, the company Riddell is trying out 3d printed football helmets to try and maximize shock absorbtion and reduce chances of concussion to each player’s head. The great Maroon 5 - Travis Scott - Spongebob mid game show fiasco brought the internet to the pitchfork store again.
Kingdom Hearts 3 is faring well! They sold 5 million copies in a week, which is a satisfactory number, one would think. Microsoft games change to Xbox game studios as the lack of first party games becomes an issue. Ties into their strategy of making Xbox a platform, not just a console. Speaking of which, their new apps are coming on Android Iphone and Switch. You read that right, an Xbox app on Switch.
Lastly, we dig into both Apex and Anthem reviews from what we’ve seen so far.

Jonathan Lemonde